Diesel System

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ul. Pruszkowska 32G
Nadarzyn 05-830

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The company " Diesel System" is a Nadarzyn, Street. Pruszkow 32G.

The company has many years of experience , was established in 1993 . The main field of activity of the plant to repair the power supply system of diesel engines. We specialize in repairing the Common Rail injection system ( electroinjectors and high pressure pumps ) from Bosch , Denso , Delphi, Siemens . We continue to service all mechanical rotary pump manufacturers.

We are also testing and rebuilding pump injector for Audi , VW Group of Bosch . We tuning dwusprężynowych 1.9 TDI injectors .

We are able to find and bring every mechanical part . With regular training and workshops each employee improve their qualifications and skills.

Intensive work and dynamic development of our company made ​​the repair parts , of which we use in the repair of pumps, injectors and power supply in cars are in our warehouse in a continuous range . Each day , we increasingly resource parts which for convenience can be divided into subgroups:

Repair parts for injector and pump- electroinjectors
Repair parts for high pressure pumps and pump manifold ,
parts necessary for the repair of cars , ie fuel filters, air , spark plugs , timing gears , etc.

Customer interest in our company also results in the continued expansion of the offer with new items . We care about the stock availability "on the spot " in our warehouse so we have materials for the regular maintenance and repair of the main supplies .

Thanks to contacts with many foreign wholesalers , finding the spare parts for the little-known brands such as pumps Stanadyne or Diesel Kiki , is not a problem for us .

Call or write during the day and we will try to give an answer.

Maintenance and regeneration of pumps and injectors.

Send us your defective part and we will send you them repaired insured courier delivery . You will simply pay the courier upon receipt. The customer is always informed about the state of its parts , the initial and final measurement .

In our workshop we can offer repair injector :
traditional / well and step / all manufacturers.
2- spring Bosch , Denso , Delphi, Zexel .
electroinjectors Bosch , Delphi, Denso , Siemens,
Unit Injector Bosch and Siemens / cars / .
Elektrowtryskiwacze test on the table Bosch EPS708 and Nova Ditex

We repair pumps, rotary pumps, as well as high-pressure common rail system manufacturers :

Bosch mechanical distributor VE , VE- EDC, VE- HDK ,
LUCAS / DELPHI : DPA , DP200 , DPS , DPC , DPCN , DP210 , DP220
DENSO mechanical distributor VE , V5 ,
STANADYNE mechanical distributor ,
DENSO : HP0 , HP2 , HP3 , HP4 ,